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Chapter 2: The Aegean And Archaic Greece

1.The Dorian Mode of Greek music is associated with the patron deity Hephaistos and which day and planet?

A. Tuesday and Mars
B. Sunday and Jupiter
C. Saturday and Saturn
D. Wednesday and Pluto
(TCI Ch.2 see table on Pg.68)
- Robert_Jones Robert_Jones Feb 15, 2007

2.Which of the following were probably not an influence on the archaic periods Architecture?

A. Egyptian structures
B. Mycenaean structures
C. Mongolian structures
D. Pre-archaic Greek Structures
(p67 under "Architecture")
- Philip_Brack Philip_Brack

3.Where was The Dipylon Vase found in the eighth century?

A. In a cave in Africa
B. In the Dipylon Cemetery in Athens
C.In a courtyard in Greece
D.In the Mycenaean civilization
TCI- pg. 62
- Seana_Souza Seana_Souza Feb 15, 2007

4.What do the two poems the Illiad and the Odyssey have in common?

A. They are epic poems from ancient Spain
B. They fall in the category of primary epics
C. They are written by the great Telemachus
D. They act as symbols of cowardness and disagreement
TCI- pg. 69 (under "Literature")
- Ngoc_Nguyen Ngoc_Nguyen Feb 15, 2007

5.What is the name of Hesiod's most famous work?

a. Iliad
b. Works and Days
c. God's Wildering Daughter
d. Theogony
see page 70
- Amy_Norris Amy_Norris Feb 15, 2007

6.Figure representation remained 2-D until when?

A. Middle of the sixth century
B. Beggining of the fifth century B.C.E
C. Middle of the sixth century B.C.E
D. End of the seventh century
Pg.63 Archaic Style
- Guadalupe_Ramirez Guadalupe_Ramirez

7.What were tools made out of during the "dark centuries"?

A. Iron
B. Bronze
C. Gold
D. Steel
TCI- pg. 58
- Demetra_Frangis Demetra_Frangis Feb 16, 2007

8. What were the two earliest styles of vase paintings in Greece?

A. geometric and abstract
B. realism and abstract
C. archaic and geometric
D. symbolism and archaic
TCI- pgs. 61-62
- Lalene_Leav Lalene_Leav Feb 16, 2007

9. When there was little artisitc creativity, it was known as the "Greek Middle Ages" and what?

A. Black Period
B. Dark Centuries
C Deadly Times
D. Isolation
TCI-pg. 58
- Katlin_Weber Katlin_Weber Feb 17, 2007

10. What style remained two-demansional until the middle of the sixth century?

A. Geometric style
B. Archaic style
C. Symbolism
D. Sculpture style
TDI-pg 63
- Ventura_Correa Ventura_Correa Feb 17, 2007

11. The Mycenaeans were called _ by Homer, because they fought from chariots, and left the lands they conquered in ruins.

A. beasts
B. invincible
C. tamers of horses
D. devils
TCI-2 pg. 56
- Juan_Arellano Juan_Arellano Feb 18, 2007

12. During the 14th Century, the Mycenaeans settled which coastline of mainland Greece?

A. Southwestern
B. Southeastern
C. Northwestern.
D. Northeastern
TCI-2 pg 56
- Buntharith_Cheng Buntharith_Cheng Feb 18, 2007

13. What Temple in Italy was dedicated to the goddess Hera

A. Doric
B. Paestum
C. Mycenaen
D. Abacus
TCI-2. pg 67
- Deborah_Lomeli Deborah_Lomeli Feb 19, 2007

14. What are kouroi?

A. Horses
B.Young women
C. Young men
D. Bears
TCI-p. 63
- Keren_Pinto Keren_Pinto Feb 19, 2007

15. What is a polis?

A. City
B. Country
C. Region
D. Location
- Shiela_Gonzales Shiela_Gonzales Feb 19, 2007

16. The Minoans were a _ class:

A. Wealthy
B. Upper-Middle
C. Lower-Middle
D. Poor
TCL-p. 55

17. What kind of poet is sappno?
- Sara_Sciortino Sara_Sciortino

19. The Minoan civilization was named after the legendary...

A. Pharaoh Minoan
B. King Minos
C. Queen Minos
D. Emperor Minoa
TCI- p.54
- Erica_Vasquez Erica_Vasquez Feb 19, 2007

20. Kore, the counter part to the kouros, were:

A. Nude females.
B. Fully dressed females.
C. Nude males.
D. Fully dressed males.
TCl- pg 64
- Vaiiliili_Emosi Vaiiliili_Emosi Feb 19, 2007

21. How many examples of kouroi have survived?

A. None
B. Less than 100
C. More than 100
D. The number is unknown
TCI- pg. 63
- Natalie_Call Natalie_Call Feb 20, 2007

22. What Ancient Greek Civilization was responsible for the original appearance of the goddess Athena?
A. Minoans
B. Mycenaean
C. Hellenes
D. Athenians
TCI 2- answer at the end of page 55-the top of page 56
- Celise_Yarde Celise_Yarde Feb 20, 2007

23. What did the ancient Greeks believed that the gods invented?
A. Dancing
B. Music
C. Food
TCI- p. 68
- Thalia_Widjaja Thalia_Widjaja Feb 20, 2007

24. What did Homer call the Mycenaens?
A. Discus Throwers
B. Tamers Of the Horses
C. Elephant Tamers
D. Minoans
TCI- p.56
- Kasondra_Mack Kasondra_Mack

25. Which lyrical poet lived all of their life on the Greek island Lesbos?
A. Homer
B. Sappho
C. Hesiod
D. Aesop
TCI- p.71
- Jason_Wolf Jason_Wolf

26. The word "Tyrant" has a negative meaning in those days?

Page 60
Ryan Pessah

27. Who was perhaps the best known poet of Ancient Grece?
A. Hesiod
B. Homer
C. Sappho
D. Aesop
TCI-2- pg. 72
- Annette_Gamboa Annette_Gamboa Feb 21, 2007

27. Plato asserted that a small number of people can escape the "cave of ignorance" and achieve.
A. True knowledge
B. A lot of money
C. Successful relationships
D. Inner peace
- Tyler_Truesdale Tyler_Truesdale

28. What played a part in early Greek philosophy, religion, and life?
A. Dance
B. Drama
C. Music
D. All of the above
- Loren_DeLaTorre Loren_DeLaTorre

29. In what city was the civilization that had a cult of sacred bull, celebrated by "bull dancing" or "bull leaping?"
A Mycenae
B. Sparta
C. Athens
D. Crete
E. Non of the above
TCI- 2- pg. 54-56
- Mirna_Rodriguez Mirna_Rodriguez

30.When did the Minoan civilization, named after King Minos emerged into this world?

A. 1245 B.C.E.
B. 23 days ago
C.1200 A.D.
D.99 B.C.E
E.1800 B.C.E
- John_Pham John_Pham

31. Which Greek godess, fully developed, came out of Zeus' head?

A. Hestia
B. Ares
C. Aphrodite
D. Dionysus
E. Who cares?
- Jiea_Park Jiea_Park

32. Between what dates is considered to be the Archaic Period?

A. 1970 - 1979 A.D.
B. 1000 - 50 B.C.
C. 800 - 480 B.C.E
D. 5000 - 3000 B.C.
E. 2000 - 2007 A.D.
TCI - 2 - pg. 59
- Matthew_Neal Matthew_Neal


All of the following played a fundamental part in early (and classical) Greek philosophy, religion, and life EXCEPT

A. Music
B. Dance
C. Painting
D. Drama
TCI: pg.69
- Leah_Turner Leah_Turner Feb 22, 2007

34.Which of the following is the most important and best-known school of pre-Socratic philosophy?

A. Atomis
B. Pythagoreanism
C. Materialist
D. Theogony
TCI: pg 61
- Ailen_Beltran Ailen_Beltran

35. What place inspired the myth of the "labyrinth of Minotaur?"

A. Palace of Mycenae
B. Mount Olympus
C. Paestum
D. Palace of Minos
TCI: pg.55
- Helen_Nguyen Helen_Nguyen

36. The Greeks believed in an afterlife

A. True
B. False

page 61
- Michael_Fanzo Michael_Fanzo Feb 22, 2007

37. When was the Hellenes first common calender dated? What event also began that same year?

2007;The All-star games
B. 1940; The discovery of Lascaux
C. 777 B.C.E; The Olympic Games
pg. 59

38. Zeus gave birth to twin gods named:

A. Demeter and Persephone
B. Artemis and Apollo
C. Ares and Aphrodite
D. Romulus and Remus
- Brian_Bauman Brian_Bauman Feb 24, 2007

39. What is the difference between the sculpture Kristios Boy and the Kouros?

A. The Kristios Boy is an attempt to depict the human figure in a stereotypic way, where as the Kouros portrayed the human form with subtlety.
B. The Kristios Boy shows the beginning of the modification to the archaic style.
C. The Kristos Boy is a sculpture of a boy, where as the Kouros is a sculpture of a female.
D. Both sculpture are the same; they just have different name.
- Diana_Vu Diana_Vu Feb 24, 2007

40. The Minoans were:

A. Patriarchal
B. Wealthy and secure
C. Matriarchal
D. B and C
E. A and B
(answer located in TCI pg. 55)
- Debbie_Yen Debbie_Yen Feb 24, 2007

41. Demeter was the goddess of:

A. Love and Beauty
B. Harvest
C. Wisdom
D. Sky
(answer on pg. 61)
- Elaine_Lahip Elaine_Lahip Feb 24, 2007Elaine_Lahip

42. For the Greeks the term "dance" means the following except?
A. a broader defintion
B. methodical pattern
C. a strong association with poetry
D. rhythmic movement
E. A and B are correct
Answer on pg. 69
- Nazarica_Ricafrente Nazarica_Ricafrente Feb 25, 2007

43. In Homer's "The Odyssey," Penelope and Telemachus are the wife and son of:
A. Homer
B. Orgygia
C. Zeus
Answer on pg.69
- Miranda_Manai Miranda_Manai Feb 25, 2007

44. What three things played a fundamental part in early and classical Greek philosophy, religion, and life?
A. dance, food, and art
B. music, art, and people
C. music, dance, and drama
D. caves, books, and ipods
Answer on pg. 69
- Jessica_Leos Jessica_Leos

45. Hades is the ruler of:
A. War
B. Earth
C. The Underworld and the Land of the Dead
D. Virgins
Answer on pg. 61
- Anton_Rocha Anton_Rocha Feb 25, 2007

46. Ares is the god of what?
A. War
B. Peace
C. Hate
D. Insects
Answer on pg. 61
- Andrei_Florentino Andrei_Florentino Feb 25, 2007

47. The Greek civilization invented a press that pumped what type of oil?

A. Car Oil
B. Olive Oil
C. Vegetable Oil
D. Petroleum
TCI: pg. 58
- Rheamay_Odvina Rheamay_Odvina Feb 25, 2007

48. Where can you locate "The Lion Gate"?

A. Rome
B. Italy
C. Greece
D. Mexico
TCI: pg. 58
- Vandy_Pher Vandy_Pher

49. Who was presumably the best known poet of ancient Greece?
A. Hesiod
B. Aesop
C. Socrates
D. Athena
- Allison_Rodriguez Allison_Rodriguez

50. How was olive oil extracted in ancient greece?
A. by stepping on it
B. by by smashing it with a hammer
C. by crushing it with a beam press
D. by chewing it and spitting it out
answer: TCI p.58

60. Which of the following was NOT a major export for Greece?

A. olive oil
B. wine
C. wheat
D. pottery
answer: TCI pg. 58
- Shareen_Hill Shareen_Hill Feb 25, 2007Shareen Hill

61.Figure representation remained 2-D until time period?

A. Beggining of the fifth century B.C.E
B. Middle of sixth century
C. End of seventh Century
D. Middle of the sixth century B.C.E

P.63 Archaic Style

62. When did the Mycenaean civilization collapse?

A. After 1100 B.C.E
B. After 1200 B.C.E
C. After 1300 B.C.E
D. After 1400 B.C.E
Answer: TCI pg. 57
- Diana_Seng Diana_Seng

63. Which one of the following represents Uranus of the Olympian Gods?

A. Earth
B. Love
C. Heavens
D. Wisdom
Answer:TCI pg. 60
- Alan_Ancheta Alan_Ancheta

64. The walls of Mycenaean caves represent which one?

A. activities of the time.
B. animals they ate.
C. what they didnt like to do.
D. instructions on how to do activities.
Answer: TC1 Archaic Greece pg. 57

65. To whom was the temple at Paestum, Italy, c. 550 B.C.E. dedicated to?

A. The Queen of Paestum, Italy
B. The Goddess Hera
C. Odysseus
D. Odysseus' wife Penelope
E. The God of the Sea
Answer: TCI- The Aegean and Archaic Greece pg. 67
- Candice_Carter Candice_Carter Feb 25, 2007

66. This word means a form irony in which a person feigns indfferences to, or pretends to refuse, something he or she really desires.

. occipital
C. oligarchy
Answer: TCI p.72

67. Where did the oldest Greek historical sources on dance come from? A. Crete and the Minoan civilization B. Roman civilization C. Trojan civilization D. Spartan civilization Answer: TCI p. 68 Steven_March 68. Which word is a term describing a freestanding statue of a nude male youth?

A. Polis
B. Kore
C. Kouros
D. Acropolis
Answer: TCI p. 53

69. The word philosophy means:

A. "harmony of spheres"
B. "the void"
C. "love of wisdom"
D. "indivisible"
TCI p. 61
- Crystal_Miller Crystal_Miller Feb 26, 2007

70. This was done to honor Sappho:

A. Her image was printed on coins
B. A statue was erected to her
C.Plato elevated her status from lyricist to muse.
D. All of the above
- Lilly_Segura Lilly_Segura Feb 26, 2007

71. Has the Minoan Language been fully deciphered yet?

a. Yes
b. No

[pg 54]
[will kraft]

72. The universe has a single reality existing apart from substance known as:

A. the "real world"
B. the "circle of trust"
C. the "harmony of spheres"
D. the "harmony of wisdom"
TCI p. 61
- Duke_Pastor Duke_Pastor Feb 27, 2007

73. Who is Sappho?

A. Greek God
B. Scholar
C. Lyrist
D. Sculptor
Answer is on TCI. pg. 71
- Yuna_Bi Yuna_Bi Feb 28, 2007

74. Apollo and Artemis, the twin children of Zues, represents:

A. Fire and Water
B. Heaven and Underworld
C. Sun and Moon
D. Love and Hate
Answer is on TCI. pg. 61
- Yanine_Calatayud Yanine_Calatayud Mar 4, 2007

75. According to tradition, the Greek poet Homer was probably:

A. Deaf
B. Blind
C. Mute
D. Megatron
TCI. pg. 69
- Ryan_Hoida Ryan_Hoida Mar 4, 2007

76. Greek temple used three orders in architecture that are all of the following except:

A. Doric
B. Ionic
C. Metope
D. Crinthian
TCI. pg. 94- Alfredo_Malubay Alfredo_Malubay Mar 5, 2007

77. Greek music consist of many modes and each mode haed a referent day of the week, planet, and patron deity.

A. True
B. False

TCI. 2 pg 68

- Alberto_Holguin Alberto_Holguin

78. What is the first thing that Greek things god were given to them?
A. Dance
B. Art
C. Literature
D. Language
Man HoangThao